November 2011 Snapshot and Open Thread

November is ending, which means NaBloPoMo is ending as well. I did it! I made a post every single day this month. Whew!

In case you missed any of them, here are the highlights:

  • Way back at the beginning of the month, I wrote about the Occupy Movement.
  • Did you see my new pink hair? Thanks to those of you who voted, I have a new profile photo now showing off my new hair!
  • In Strong Relationships Can Wait I wrote about the similarities between the sparkly beginning of a new romantic relationship and my new relationship with my baby and about protecting both of those stages.
At Jack-Booted Liberal, Joshua posted about our ram, too, plus a horrible and stupid sign he saw in an airport.

And I’ve been busy on Google+, too. If you’re not following me over there, you’ve missed out on extra photos of the adorable Dylan. I’m also sharing a lot of political articles, especially about the Occupy Movement. If you’re interested in what I’m interested in, check out some of these articles:

Plus here’s one lonely non-political link, although no less important: SUCK IT, FOOD GUILT SEASON - Leave food guilt at home as you head into the holiday season!

This post is an open thread for talking about any of this stuff or anything else you want to talk about. What have you been reading this month? What are you getting up to lately? Stop in and chat with me or with one another in the comments section.


  1. Congratulations on meeting your goal. I think it was your example that got me blogging yesterday for the first time since August. Thanks for that (I THINK).

    Extremely cute pic there of you and your son. Might want to send a print to your mom for the holidays.

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