2011 Spotlight

2011 has been the best year of my life so far. Dylan arrived in the world, and I have experienced so much happiness since then. Take a look back at 2011 with me. Here were my favorite posts each month:

January: I put together a very informative post for the people buying pigs from us called How Much Meat From a Pig. I never did get around to posting the followup after we got our meat, but the numbers from this post turned out to be pretty spot on.

February: Joshua and I processed chickens for the first time which I told all about in Processing Roosters, and I also wrote a pretty emotional piece for me, Manners and Children as People.

March: This was the busiest month at The Wallow. We got sheep, chickens, and pigs. I really loved my post Big Bare Beautiful Baby Belly.

April: I started my 8 post series on polyamory. Start with 20 Years of Polyamory: The Introduction.

May: I finally “harvested” compost!

June: My baby Dylan was born. You can read the five part story starting with The Sunday to Forever: Acknowledgments.

July: The posts The 4th Trimester and Things Less Important captured my feelings about those first weeks with Dylan.

August: I still call Dylan Tiny Baby, although he’s much less tiny than he was in August.

September: Baby Small-Talk is still an unresolved issue for me. Ugh!

October: I spent a lot of October depressed, and I only made two posts. One was Starting Zoloft (which is going much better these days), and then finally I found some things to be happy about in Breastfeeding, Co-sleeping, Baby-wearing, Cloth Diapering Mama.

November: The post Because It’s My Body is probably one of my favorite posts I’ve ever written.

December: Here at the end of the year, I put a lot of thought into Cosleeping Safety and the Milwaukee Billboards.

What were your favorite posts this year, whether here on LoveLiveGrow, something you wrote yourself, or anything you’ve seen around the web?

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