Spring Catch-up, Baby Version

It seems like every day I am having more and more fun with Dylan. I like him so much, and he likes me, and we’re having a good time doing our thing. He especially loves any and all time that we spend outside. Whether he’s chasing the ducks, digging in the dirt in my garden box, or getting into unapproved things in the barn, he has a great time outside.

I let him do pretty much whatever he wants with whatever he finds outside. This leads to some gross results, like when his mouth is dripping with mud. And it leads to some funny results, like Dylan enjoying the chickens’ corn right along with them:

Dylan had his first time playing in a baby pool with our friends Sara and Fin. I got so many photos from this day that captured Dylan’s neat expressions.

Plus Sara got some photos of Dylan and me when I comforted him after something or another that upset him.

And here’s my favorite photo of baby Fin:

Dylan really loves being around other kids, and he loves the outside so much. I’ve got a mind to organize some kind of park playtime get together with some like-minded families, but I haven’t gotten around to the action part of that idea, yet.


  1. That was a fun day! Hope to do that more often this summer.

  2. Looks like a really fun day! We love being outside too…messes & all.

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