The Ramp to Bigger Blogging

2014 is going to be my big year for blogging. I have a delightful new site design and huge plans in mind. I’m starting a new editorial calendar on the 1st. Get ready to read about why my son doesn’t have E. coli, find 63 things to do with a two year old, and watch me write a lot more about cooking.

As part of preparing to blog bigger this year I want to invite other bloggers to come along and create support for one another, and I want to get an accurate temperature of where my blog sits right now.

Create a Blogging Tribe with Me

Want to be blogging buddies with me? Or know someone else who might?

I am looking to form a blogging tribe for 2014. We would actively support one another’s blogs through commenting and promoting; provide support and accountability through regular private communication; and share our learning and knowledge about various blogging opportunities, resources, and processes. If we want we could do an established program together like Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.

I’m primarily looking for people who already have an established blog, know the basic ins and outs of blogging, and are interested in growing their blog, including implementing monetization or increasing their current monetization.

We don’t have to share the same niches; in fact, it’s better if we cover diverse topics. Our topics should not out right conflict, though. For example, I write about homesteading, parenting, fat acceptance, and mental health. Blogs that cover dieting, being childfree, or being vegan would not be compatible.

Let me know if this is something you might be interested in, and feel free to pass the idea on to others as well.

Taking My Blog Temperature

I can’t know where I’m going if I don’t know where I am. I’m not sure how to set specific goals. Since I’ve never tried to grow my blog in specific ways I don’t know what kind of growth is reasonable. I just know I want all of these numbers to get bigger!

Monthly Page Views 32K+
Subscribers 248
Monthly income 2013 average $125
Twitter followers 1K+
Facebook fans 700+
Pinterest followers 600+
Instagram followers 56
In Google+ circles 1K+

Some of those numbers are better than others! I have just barely gotten started on Instagram, for example, but I will keep growing there. My Pinterest is really taking off. I wouldn’t be surprised to be over 1K by February.

My writing was very sporadic last year. For 2014 I aim to post a minimum of 4 days a week, keeping to an editorial schedule.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of my readers who stuck with me this year, and here’s looking towards an awesome 2014!

If you have a blog, what are your goals for the new year?

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  1. My ultimate goal for 2014 is to become organized. Organized enough to limit clutter in my home, to meal plan, to homeschool and to blog about it regularly. I don’t quite have a platform big enough to participate in your challenge (difficult when I’m a solo parent half the time with 2 kids) but I’d love the challenge. :)

    • It’s up to you whether you want to be in the blogging group. I don’t want to put too many qualifiers on it, because there are ways to be helped and be helpful as a blogger at every level. I hear you about having trouble making it fit with kids. The whole reason I can go on this blogging kick right now is that Dylan recently started falling asleep in his own bed, which gives me a couple of hours to myself every night. Before that, I was doing all my online stuff from my phone, and I can’t write very much from just my phone. I’ll keep you in the loop about how the group comes together, and you can decide if you want to jump in or not.

    • Oh, and I just liked you on Facebook. See, your numbers are going up already! :-)

  2. Hexenhasel says:

    I do have many years of blogging experience, but mostly in fandom and social blogging. I mentioned that I am starting up a mental health awareness blog in the New Year, and I do already have several posts in mind. So, I will follow up with you more in the week as I am interested :)

  3. Great idea! Too bad I don’t have a blog. Yet. It’s coming this year sometime. After I get established, I hope I can become a member of the tribe.

    • Neat! Yeah, check back in when you’re ready to take the plunge. Blogging is one of those things that you just have to get out there and DO… or you can talk yourself out of it for a long time. I say go for it. Start today! Lol.

  4. I just realized that’s the first time I’ve said I’m going to set up a blog out loud. You’ve already set up a supportive place.

  5. I’d be interested! I keep aiming at growth but could use some motivation and support/guidance at making particular goals and figuring out ways to follow through.

    • Hobomama, I sent you an email. I can’t start a group on Facebook without having actual friends to add to the group, so I need one of you guys to friend me! :-)

  6. This doesn’t make a lot of sense. You want to cover a lot of topics and be diverse but you don’t want childfree blogs or people who are trying to lose weight (dieting is not in my vocabulary). It’s entirely possible for both to co-exist in a way that is supportive of others and helps promote the diverse viewpoints you’re referring to. Even with weight loss or diet specific (e.g. vegan) blogs, there are many that promote and encourage body acceptance. You either want your topics to be diverse or you want specific topics. It can’t be both in my opinion.

    • I can see where you might be confused if you do not see these topics as inherently contradictory. Some topics are, though.

      Imagine one blog that is about how homosexuality is a sin against god and another blog that is about human rights for gay people. Can you understand how these bloggers probably cannot be fully supportive of one another?

      I mention vegan as an opposite to my homesteading posts. I make posts with graphic depictions of the slaughter and butchering of animals. Someone who is morally opposed to this kind of animal treatment is not going to want to see these posts or promote them, and likewise I don’t want to read posts about the immorality of eating meat.

      The vast majority of childfree focused writing I have read is literally hate speech. I’m not talking about people who don’t have kids. I’m talking about people who are vocal about their identity as childfree. I don’t want to read those posts, either, and they don’t see my latest adorable toddler pictures.

      The dieting part may be most difficult for other people to understand, but dieting and fat acceptance are as opposed as the hypothetical gay people blogs I mentioned. Any public promotion of dieting is actively harmful to fat people. I’m not talking about that one New Year’s post where a blogger mentions their new diet plans. I’m talking about blogs where the focus is diet/weight loss. I cannot support a blog that is harmful and hateful to me.

      • I have no idea where you’re finding these blogs but I have not found many blogs that are hateful toward parents or any blogs that are hateful toward fat people in relation to weight loss. Dieting in and of itself is not hateful. Misguided, sure. Hateful? That’s debatable considering there are so many blogs out there.

        What I am getting (and correct me if I am wrong) but it seems to me that your mindset is that anything opposite your ideals = hateful. Not everything, mind you, but enough that it can make you appear narrow or closed-minded to anything but your own interests.

        I am not a parent but I can read and sometimes enjoy parenting blogs. I am not a vegan or focused on weight loss right now but I can read and enjoy those blogs. I am not part of the fat acceptance movement but I respect and support those who do. Not everything out there is hateful.

        • I’m not going to try any further to explain it to you. If reading my blog isn’t right for you or joining this tribe, that’s completely okay.

  7. I have set up the group on Facebook – The Road to Bigger Blogging. Join us over there if you are interested.

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