Checking In With Some Laid-Back Pigs

Here at The Wallow we started the new year off right by adding three little piggies to our little farm.

I brought them home on January 1st. They huddled in the back of the truck on their way to their new home.

three little pigs huddled in the back of the truck // LoveLiveGrow

It’s hard to get the scale right and see how small they are, but look – all three of their heads fit into the feed bowl.

three #homestead #hogs at the feed bowl in the #barnyard // LoveLiveGrow

We’ve named them Oreo, Double Stuffed, and Been Licked, based on a comment from a friend of ours (eek! I can’t remember who said that… Michele?)

Two Hampshire #hogs on the #homestead // LoveLiveGrow

A month later, they were still pretty small:

#homestead #hogs // LoveLiveGrow

#homestead #hogs // LoveLiveGrow

Now it is the beginning of March and the have gotten huge!

Just look at these floppy ears!

#homestead #hogs // LoveLiveGrow

Oreo here is the one gilt in the group, and she currently weighs in at 150 pounds!

#homestead #hogs // LoveLiveGrow

That means these pigs could be market weight in as little as 7 weeks! Probably more like 11.

This batch of pigs are a mixed breed with Hampshire and Large Black in the mix.

I’m loving them so far. They’re growing, and they’re nice. That’s the important stuff!

They haven’t tried to escape, which is a huge benefit.

If you happen to be local to me and are interested in buying a pig, we have one available since we had a buyer back out due to some financial difficulty. We should have no trouble finding a new buyer, but hey! Maybe it’s you!