New Lambs at The Wallow

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We’ve been impatiently waiting for our ewes to pop some babies, and the last couple of weeks have been rewarding!

Here’s a video where you can see all three new babies frolicking and getting to know one another:

This little cutie was the first to be born:

Followed by a black one and a white one born to Big Mama. They were tiny and it was cold in the beginning, so they got to wear little sweaters.

I caught them both baaing at me:

This one is particularly noisy:

Hi Big Mama!

And here’s Buck, the daddy of the flock:


  1. Sara says

    So cute!!! Aaahhh!!! I love that they’re all three different colors. I adore that the black one has a white punk hairdo. And the sweaters! Jeez. Please don’t put bows or hats on their heads or something, because that would cause an OD of cuteness. I must come visit them very soon!

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