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    I’m still taking it easy after Dylan’s arrival, and I haven’t written anything new yet. Here’s a quick little post I’ve had queued up for awhile, though:

    I like to look at ads and other media and notice what Mother Culture is trying to tell me. Here’s an ad that jumped out at me:

    I’m not sure exactly what Accenture does, and I couldn’t get much more information out of their website, but I find the image they chose for this ad very interesting.

    • What does the choice of an animal as an example of a generic “resource” tell me?
    • Would breeding a sheep to get that kind of “more” be good for the sheep? Or for me?
    • Am I supposed to view this image as funny? Would it still be funny if that animal can’t walk?

    I’m a little confused about what thoughts I’m intended to have about this ad, but the thoughts I do have aren’t flattering to this company.

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  1. Write About Birth says:

    How about this? http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/offbeat/110608/new-zealand-shrek-sheep-dead-merino-wool-video

    The sheep kind of looks similar. This kind of sheep need human help to stay comfortable. What message does that carry? They were bred by humans for as a generic resource.

  2. Sarena says:

    Email them your questions. Ask them what your company does? I think they’ll answer if you ask politely.

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