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I’m still taking it easy after Dylan’s arrival, and I haven’t written anything new yet. Here’s a quick little post I’ve had queued up for awhile, though:

I like to look at ads and other media and notice what Mother Culture is trying to tell me. Here’s an ad that jumped out at me:

I’m not sure exactly what Accenture does, and I couldn’t get much more information out of their website, but I find the image they chose for this ad very interesting.

  • What does the choice of an animal as an example of a generic “resource” tell me?
  • Would breeding a sheep to get that kind of “more” be good for the sheep? Or for me?
  • Am I supposed to view this image as funny? Would it still be funny if that animal can’t walk?

I’m a little confused about what thoughts I’m intended to have about this ad, but the thoughts I do have aren’t flattering to this company.


  1. Write About Birth says:

    How about this?

    The sheep kind of looks similar. This kind of sheep need human help to stay comfortable. What message does that carry? They were bred by humans for as a generic resource.

  2. Email them your questions. Ask them what your company does? I think they’ll answer if you ask politely.

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