Spring 2012: Sheep

Spring has sprung! No doubt about it. Once again, The Wallow is awash in babies and to-do lists that grow with the lengthening days. This week I’ve planned a few posts to tally up where we’re starting from this spring.

First up, sheep!

We’ve had sheep for right at a year now. We originally bought a ram (Buck), two ewes (Big Mama and Mary), and the ewes’ babies, a ram lamb (Jake) and a ewe lamb (Baby Jeebus). Buck got injured right off the bat, and one time the sheep all escaped. The escape adventure ultimately led to Joshua (and friends) installing an electric perimeter fence around our whole property. In June, Jake went off to slaughter, and then in July Baby Jeebus unexpectedly died during the heat wave. That left us down to three sheep, but life goes on, and in September, Jeebus 2 was born, then February brought two more lambs, Fuzzy and Wuzzy. Mary appears to be late in a pregnancy again, which means she got pregnant almost immediately after the troubles with Buck back in November. We now have 6 sheep, with another one on the way.

UPDATE: I wrote this post on Friday, but then Saturday Mary gave birth to two lambs! We have 8 sheep now! Pictures of the newborns are at the bottom of the post.

On Friday, the sheep got let out onto grass for the first time this year, which we captured on video:

And some lovely photos by Joshua:

This image is taken from above while Mary licks her first newborn clean:

Next time I peeked into the barn, surprise! Two babies!

We now have a ram, two ewes, three ram lambs, and two ewe lambs. One of the lambs is destined for our freezer, and at least 3 of the other lambs will be for sale at some point. For now, we have a lovely flock of 8, and we’re especially enjoying having so many babies at once, because they frolic together in the new spring pasture. So cute!


  1. Those babies are so stinkin’ cute! I want to see more about the piglets too!

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