Spring Catch-up, Duck Version

I adore my new ducks! So much of the work I’ve done lately is for them. I built them a house and dug (some of) a hole to make their little pond. I constantly check in on them and spend lots of time just watching them. They are terribly cute!


  1. They are very cute! I love the way they walk.

    • The best is when they catch sight of a bug and all go madly rushing around trying to catch it. Well, I imagine that one duck is trying to catch the bug, and the others are just freaking out in solidarity. It’s enormously entertaining.

  2. They grew up so fast!

  3. they totally look like teenagers already! Halfway between ducklings and all grown up. Are they fairly friendly with you?

    • It was hard to spend time with them when they were babies, because Dylan wanted to grab them, so they aren’t as friendly with me as they could be. They know I have the food, though, and if they are hungry, they’ll come running up when they see me, stop 6 feet away, and squawk at me until I produce the noms. :-)

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