11 Winter Crafts Using Natural Materials

It came time to buy some extra Christmas decorations this year, and I hesitated. Maybe more cheap, plastic crap isn’t what the world needs right now? Maybe the abused workers and toxic environment of Yiwa, China aren’t worth a few decorations in my home?

Dylan and I started brainstorming about ways to decorate without buying plastic things. We recently cut down a few teetering pine trees. Perhaps I could make garland from their branches? We have all kinds of materials lying around to make homemade ornaments, from paper to wood to old toys.

I went looking for winter crafts using natural materials gathered from outside. I found a few to share with you!

Simple, beautiful, and fun projects for adults and kids to brighten your home this winter while avoiding more plastic crap!

11 Winter Crafts Using Natural Materials

1. Twig Wreath

If you need a winter wreath for your front door, try this twig wreath from Hidden Springs Homestead. I am really into crafts that start with a nature walk! What kinds of trees do you have in your yard? Your own natural materials will make your project unique.

2. Christmas Rock Painting

Head out with the kids to gather some rocks, then all you need is acrylic paint and brushes to get started with these rock painting ideas from Sustain My Craft Habit. Click through for more information, as well as 19 other holiday craft ideas!

3. Ombre Pine Cones

Pinecones are the start of winter crafts using natural materials! These ombre pine cones from A Bride on a Budget are incredibly simple. Try out this cute craft on your own or with your kids. Then you could string them up, set them out in a bowl, or find another creative way to display them.

4. Rustic Candle Holders from Logs

I absolutely LOVE these rustic candle holders from Homespun Seasonal Living (my new favorite blog!). You’ll need a saw and a drill. And then you need to take a walk looking for the perfect downed branch to turn into these lovely candle holders.

5. Rustic Pinecones Garland

This rustic pinecones garland tutorial from Confessions of a Disneyaholic Mom shows you how to decorate pinecone ornaments and mix them with other holiday items for an old-fashioned garland. This simple idea could be adjusted for other seasons, too!

6. Bird Seed Hearts

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to make these treats for the birds in your yard! Grab a cookie cutter and get started on these bird seed hearts from Thrifty Jinxy. Spread a little love around the natural world!

7. Succulent Pinecones

Wow! Now THIS is something special! These succulent pinecones from Family Spice are totally adorable! Click through to the post for the full tutorial plus some examples of unbelievable centerpieces you can create with these little delights.

8. Primitive Arrows

Whether you’re going hunting or just looking to decorate, you can learn how to make primitive arrows from Practical Self-Reliance. I can’t be the only one who saves animal bones from around the homestead, can I? From one end to the other, this post teaches you the basics of arrow making.

9. Natural Christmas Wreath

I needed this one! I love to hang a new wreath for each season, but I’m getting tired of buying ones made from plastic. Learn how to make a natural Christmas wreath at Hearth & Vine. You’ll use materials found in your own backyard and build your own beautiful creation.

10. Pinecone Christmas Trees

Also from Hearth & Vine how about these cute pinecone Christmas trees?! This would be perfect if you get those tiny pinecones in your yard. I would want to try making the base out of cardboard instead of styrofoam – experiment and see how you do!

11. Driftwood Reindeer Ornaments

These driftwood reindeer ornaments from Sustain My Craft Habit are super cute! You can use whatever downed wood you have around your house, or get crafty with the kids with simple popsicle sticks. You could also use this idea as inspiration for other minimalist faces and shapes from natural materials.

Simple, beautiful, and fun projects for adults and kids to brighten your home this winter while avoiding more plastic crap!

Do you have any other ideas for winter crafts using natural materials? Share them with us in the comments!