25 Reasons to Choose Positive Parenting

Are you ready to choose positive parenting? If you are just learning about it, I’m here to excite you about getting started. I can’t imagine my life without it, and I’m excited for you to choose positive parenting, too.

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First, and foremost:

The #1 reason to choose positive parenting is because it works. It works to build cooperative, connected, joyful relationships between everyone in your home.

But there’s more! Here are 24 other reasons to choose positive parenting:

All the reasons to choose positive parenting. Got them for you right here!

Your Home Will…

  1. Become a more warm, peaceful, and a welcoming place. Fights and conflicts will lessen over time.
  2. Be a place where everyone in the family feels secure. Everyone will have a place for themselves.

Your Kids Will…

  1. Feel safe and won’t be afraid of you. They’ll come to you when they need you.
  2. Be more confident. They will have more independence and self-control.
  3. Have fewer behavioral issues. When you choose positive parenting you decrease the ways kids have to act out.
  4. Be less aggressive, due to seeing positive relationships modeled.
  5. Be happier. Nothing supports happiness more than a relaxing, supportive family.
  6. Be more empathetic since they have experienced empathy extended to them.
  7. Be under less stress, which impacts all parts of life.
  8. Respect you and will respect themselves, since they will have seen respect in action.
  9. Learn compassion and cooperation. The compassion and cooperation you build in your relationship will extend through their whole lives.
  10. Understand and internalize your values instead of merely complying out of fear.
  11. Also be free to develop their own authentic selves. When you choose positive parenting, you give them this incredible gift.

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You Will…

  1. Feel more at ease with your parenting choices. You will have less guilt.
  2. Be under less stress. The relief is amazing!
  3. Become a more creative and capable person through seeking new ways of connecting and problem-solving.
  4. Develop deep empathy for your kids. You will become more and more aware of just how awesome your kids are!
  5. Be free from acting out a police role in your family. It feels so good to give that up!
  6. Come to understand your own feelings and motivations better.
  7. Get to work through any baggage you have about your own upbringing. This one is challenging but worth it!

Your Relationship With Your Kids Will…

  1. Be stronger and deeper.
  2. Reflect your true values.
  3. Feel like you and your child are on the same team.
  4. Be at ease. Struggling for power will be a thing of the past.

Doesn’t that all sound great? Are you going to choose positive parenting?

If you have already made that choice, what benefits have you seen for your family? Share in the comments or join us on the LoveLiveGrow Parenting Facebook page.

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All the reasons to choose positive parenting. Got them for you right here!