5 Tips to Build A Daily Journaling Habit

You get the most out of journaling when you make it a regular, daily practice. But, of course, life gets busy and you have many priorities. It’s easy for daily journaling to fall by the wayside.

What can you do? Try these 5 tips to make daily journaling a strong habit.Want to get started with daily journaling? Here are 5 tips to get you going on this great habit. LoveLIveGrow

  1. Set an alarm – If you have trouble remembering to journal, set an alarm for it. You can add it to your calendar program, use an alarm on your phone, or use your bedside alarm. Whatever it takes, put journaling in front of your mind until it becomes an established habit.
  2. Choose the right time of day – First thing in the morning and last thing at night are the easiest spots to place your daily journaling. You can get up 5 minutes earlier or stay up 5 minutes later. This part of your routine happens every day – there’s is no day where you won’t wake up or go to bed. Putting your journaling here in your routine makes it harder to make excuses to skip it.
  3. Use tools you love – Don’t waste another day writing in a journal that doesn’t feel lovely to your hands. Don’t procrastinate about putting another pen on your nightstand when one runs out. Keep the materials you need close at hand, and only choose tools you love.
  4. Cluster in a larger routine – Combine journaling with other routine parts of your day. Perhaps you’ll wake up, journal, exercise, shower, make a cup of coffee, then head to work. Maybe for you it’s your bedtime routine. Think about the habits that go with your journaling habit and put them into a larger routine together.
  5. Always do a little bit – If you are adamant about not having time to journal on a particular day, it’s ok. All you have to do is one minute. It can literally be opening your journal and writing, “I don’t have time to journal today.” The important thing is that you stick with the routine, even if you don’t do much journaling.

Get The Gear

Here’s some of the stuff I use in my journaling practices. (These are all affiliate links. Thanks for your support!)

  • I use a medium size dotted Leuchtturm1917 notebook. It’s got a hard cover, 185 numbered pages, a blank table of contents, a back pocket, page markers, and an elastic closure. It lays flat when opened and comes in a gazillion great colors!
  • Sharpie Fine Point Pens are my absolute favorites for regular journaling and bullet journaling. Regular pens tend to be too pointy for me, or I don’t like how the ink comes out. These Sharpie pens write smooth, and I love using lots of different colors.
  • Washi tape, because I love decorating my journals. I use these for headers, dividers, and for adding random strips of color to a boring page.