Around The Wallow May 2012

A few images from around The Wallow these days:

This is the view from the end of my driveway looking back down the road. I love our little country lane.


This is the view from our pasture looking back up towards the house through the area we call The Island, which is where our wood piles are stored.


A new chicken has arrived, guarded over by its protective mama chicken. Mama chicken sat on a whole bunch of eggs, but this was the only little one to emerge. We hope it’s a hen!


While cleaning out the barn we discovered a mama skunk and four baby skunks. We kept our distance, but did encourage them to move on. We don’t mind them living but don’t want them living where we spend a lot of time.


Here’s Joshua getting ready to move the sheep from one pasture to the next, shepherd’s crook in one hand and tray of corn in the other.


And video of Joshua leading the sheep: