Around The Wallow

I’ve got some longer posts coming up soon – promise! I’ve been spending a lot of time enjoying my Tiny Baby and getting ready for Alchemy, so I’m a bit behind on everything else. I’m spending a lot of time outside right now, so last week I took a few minutes to walk around The Wallow and photograph some of the things in my life these days.

When I walk out my back door I usually turn right to head to the barn, but I always glance to the left because I love this view:

This chicken has been moulting, so her comb is a bit droopy. I caught her taking a dust bath:

It’s almost time to start burning wood for heat again. Joshua has collected and split enough wood for two years:

All around our property huge mushrooms have popped up. I find them enchanting:

I’ve been spending a lot of time swinging with Dylan on the hammock watching the sheep. Because, really, how cute is this?!