Birth Chat Room

I am 39 weeks pregnant today, which means I will give birth sometime in the next four weeks.

I’ve invited 11 people to come to my house when I go into labor. As a way to have more people present during my labor and birthing without actually hosting a house full of more people (and because some of the people I love are internet friends) I’ve set up a birth chat room. This might be useful even for the people who will be at my house with me, because I may be interested in interacting without actually being in the same physical space.

Who’s invited:

  • If I know you in person, if you have commented on LoveLiveGrow, or if I have commented on your blog, you are probably invited to hang out in the birth chat with me.
  • If you’re not sure, it’s okay to ask. I am comfortable saying no, and it won’t bother me that you asked.

How to get invited:

  • EMAIL me at to let me know that you want to be included in the birth chat.
  • In your email to me, let me know if you would like to be notified by EMAIL, by TEXT, or BOTH when I go into labor. If you want to be texted, include your number in your email.
  • When I’m sure labor has begun, I’ll send out emails and texts letting everyone know, and I’ll include the password to the chat room.

How to join the room:

  • Go to Birth Chat Room, enter your name and the password you’ve been sent. The link for the chat room is on the menu bar at the top of every LoveLiveGrow page.
  • Once you’ve logged in click the “join chat” link at the bottom of the chat window.
  • Email me at if you have any trouble getting into the room.

Chat room rules:

  • To be in the birth chat, you must enter the name that I know you by. Whether that’s your legal name, a taken name, an internet name, or whatever, I want to be able to recognize everyone in the room.
  • Do not share the password to the room with anyone else. If anyone ends up in the room whom I haven’t authorized, I will either shut down the room entirely or issue a new room password which will be emailed/texted out. Either way, that would be annoying, so don’t do it.
  • Of course, I reserve the right to make up new rules for the birth chat room at any time. The chat room exists and people participate at my discretion entirely.

Room content:

  • You can post pictures to the room by posting the URL of the picture. The room should automatically convert to an actual image.
  • I don’t guarantee that I’ll be posting much at any particular time, but I’ll try to post somewhat regular updates to at least keep everyone in the loop on what’s going on with me.
  • You can talk about anything you like. There’s no requirement that you only talk about me or about birthing. The point is just to hang out, so be yourself!