Bitti Tutto One Size Cloth Diaper Review

Dylan has gotten to the stage where he needs new, bigger cloth diapers if we’re going to continue on with cloth. I got an offer to check out a sample of Itti Bitti brand’s new one size diaper called Bitti Tutto. This sounded like the perfect opportunity to check out a new diaper possibility for Dylan as well as review it for you guys. My product review went through a few stages – the good, the bad, and the beautiful. Let’s start with the beautiful!

The Beautiful

If you’re into cloth diapers, you know that the colorful fabrics, the soft textures, and the neat styles can really draw you in. When I first started reading about cloth diapering, I couldn’t figure out why all these parents were swooning over diapers. But, after I started getting into it I got swept along, too. Cloth diapers are neat!

When I got the Bitti Tutto, I was so delighted at how it looks and feels. The diaper I got is a gorgeous multi-color stripe. The outer minky fabric (no cover required!) is so silky soft, and the inside and inserts are super-soft as well.

The three included inserts immediately delighted me. The different shapes and the color coded snaps make sense and make this diaper stand out in it’s versitility. This is a cool diaper.

The Good

Okay, let’s talk features and quality. This is a luxury diaper, no doubt. It retails at $27, so you want a lot of quality details for that price, and the Itti Bitti comes through.

  • The fit is trim through the legs, making it suitable for smaller babies and comfortable for older ones. You can use the inserts to achieve the desired absorbency rather than having a lot of bulky redundancy built in.
  • The rise is adjustable to four positions. The waist is adjustable to five positions PLUS crossover snaps that hideaway if you don’t need them. This gives the Bitti Tutto incredible adjustability, especially on the tiny end.
  • The diaper has leg gussets to prevent leaks PLUS the gusset goes all the way over the back, giving extra protection against poop leaks.
  • The whole package is well-made with attention to detail and worthy of the luxury price.
Check out this video to hear Iitti Bitti’s creative director Sue McLachlan tell you about the Bitti Tutto features:

The Bad

Okay, with all that said, what could possibly go wrong? Well, it turns out the Bitti Tutto has a tragic flaw, at least for my family.

The diaper has so much adjustability for different sizes and shapes of babies. They advertise fitting babies from 8 pounds to 44 pounds. Dylan weighs 35 pounds so we should have been sitting pretty. Unfortunately, Dylan needed the biggest rise position and the biggest waist position, meaning there wouldn’t be much useful life left in them for us as he continues to grow. BUT, the worst part is that even at the biggest sizes, an inch and a half of his butt crack was sticking out. I don’t care how good the magic poop gusset is if his butt crack is showing!

So sad! All these different sizing possibilities and none that fit Dylan!

Weigh In

I’m in the market for a diaper system solution right now. Everything else was just right about the Bitti Tutto. If it hadn’t been for that wayward butt crack, I would invest in these right now.

Can you recommend another option that might work for us?

Or have you tried the Bitti Tutto? How did it work out for you?

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