Canvas Bell Tent Options

I’m rocking a brand new canvas bell tent for this year’s camping season. I spent days pouring over the options before choosing which one to buy. I figured you could use a hand if you’re looking through canvas bell tent options yourself. As I told people at Euphoria this year, I think this is the perfect tent – a fantastic balance between the cool factor and practicality. Let’s take a look at the options!

canvas bell tent options Size

The canvas bell tents tend to come in 3m, 4m, and 5m options.

Go for 3m if you’re one person, doing short weekend trips, or if you want the easiest tent to put up and the easiest tent to heat.

Choose at least 4m if you have more than 2 people, if you have kids, or if you know you like a little more space.

I chose the 5m option because I am a princess. I love camping, but I don’t do roughing it! We fit 2 queen size mattresses in our tent, with half the tent left over.

Amazon sellers tend to carry the most popular sizes of 4m and 5m. (These are affiliate links!) Try Danchel Sport or Dream House. These are both similar tents with simple features, good reviews, and good prices.

canvas bell tent optionsColor

When looking at canvas bell tent options, you’ll find that you don’t have a lot of color options! For the most part you’re looking at sand-colored canvas. I have occasionally found a company with colorful options, but they tend to be sold for a limited time. Let me know if you find a company with current color options!


For groundsheets, your options are SIG (sewn in groundsheet), ZIP (zip in groundsheet), and separate.

The SIG option is the simplest and the easiest to set up. However, it means you can’t wash your groundsheet separately, and you can’t pack it separately if you are concerned about packing size or weight.

A ZIG is as secure as a SIG but gives you those other options: separate cleaning and packing. Plus you can strategically unzip to give you customized airflow.

A separate groundsheet gives you all the options of a ZIG except it doesn’t have the same rain protection.

I got a ZIG on mine. It’s a poly bathtub bottom, meaning I have 4 inches of ground water protection. If I ever accidentally setup in a run off stream I’m set!

canvas bell tent optionsAccessories

I spent as much time deciding on fun accessories as I did any of the other canvas bell tent options! These are affiliate links to things that I added to my camping setup this year.

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I’m wanting to blog more about camping – if there’s a camping topic you want to know more about, let me know!

Canvas bell tent options for festival camping this year!