Dropping F-Bombs on Your Immaturity and Rudeness

I’ve gotten a couple of criticisms of my use of the word fuck on this blog. Apparently some people are so bothered by the word fuck that they get distracted from whatever the message of the post is. And then they want to tell me about it.

If I say something truly offensive on this blog I hope someone calls me on it. If I write something that is hateful to someone or a group of someones or that dismisses their experiences or belittles their lives, I hope someone brings it up. If I write things that support harmful power structures, I hope someone helps me see what I’ve done.

But the word fuck isn’t any of those things.

In the past 3 months, I’ve written the word fuck 9 times in a blog post.

  • Three times it was a synonym for “really, really, really” as in, “food is fucking yummy.”
  • Twice it was to be angrily dismissive of something, as in, “fuck flattering”.
  • Three times it was just a general exclamation, as in, “fuck yeah”.
  • And once was in the name of my Alchemy theme camp, Fucking Awesome.

It turns out fuck is a really versatile word! I’m kind of amazed I only counted 9 times in 3 months. Maybe I should start using it more often!

If you complain to me about my use of the word fuck, here’s what I think about you:

You’re immature. “F-Bombs”? Really? You’re too damaged by the very idea of the letters f u c and k strung together to write out the word fuck? So delicate! I don’t know how you landed on my blog, but maybe you should go here instead. I dive into serious topics on this blog, including oppression, depression, and life and death. If you’re going to continue reading here, I’m gonna need you to step up.

You’re derailing. It’s petty to bring up my word choice if the topic of the blog post is important. If I’ve said something powerful, something interesting, something emotional, something vital, and you come in to pick on my adjectives, you are taking away from the topic of the post and centering the discussion on something trivial.

You’re rude. I finally figured out what bothers me most about this criticism: You’re picking on the way I talk. I’m not using the word fuck to shock you or to present a certain image. It’s just a normal everyday word in my vocabulary. I have a Southern accent; I use rural Midwestern colloquialisms; and I use the word fuck. You coming into my space, into my conversations, to pick on my vocabulary is just rude.

So, you know, fuck off.