Dylan: 19 Months Old


I missed writing this at 18 months old because the days can slip by so easily and here you are almost another month older. They are all wonderful days. Oh sure, some of them are louder and more chaotic or darker with more tears. But always, always we are in love, we two, and it’s good to be together.

A month or so ago, there was a time outside where Joshua walked into the barn to refill the pig buckets with feed for soaking. You started to toddle into the barn, and Joshua told you to go back and get a bucket to bring in with you. With a little bit of prodding, you walked back over to the buckets, picked one up, and carried it into him. I was sitting a ways away, watching this process, and what I noticed was the look of intense concentration on your face. You had seen us carry buckets, you knew just what to do, and you were determined to do it and do it well. I could see how important it all was to you.

Since then, I’ve noticed so many ways that you are turning into a little person just like Joshua and me. You talk on a pretend phone all the time (anything can be a phone!) and you tuck the phone to your shoulder just like I do and copy the patterns of our speech. We brush our teeth every night, and you go through all of the motions, from taking the cap off the toothbrush (which you can’t do yet, it’s just a cute little twisty motion you make), to brushing, to spitting (which you do as a little head bob and a kiss noise). Everything we do you’re watching and learning and enjoying.

Your favorite word/phrase is probably “thank you”, although you’re trying to say all sorts of things now (with very few consonants). I can more readily understand when you’re saying my name. It comes out like Aye-ya, and it is the sweetest sound in the universe.

You are so independent. Just a couple of days ago we were playing outside and I went inside but you didn’t follow me. I talked to Joshua for a moment, and when I next looked out for you you had walked all the way down into the pasture to play with the trailer. I got my shoes on to go after you, and by the time I got out there you had walked up to the sheep and were having a conversation with them. You’d go “Aaaaaaa!” (remember, not many consonants!), and they’d “Baaaaaa!” back and forth. You were happy to be exploring, all on your own.

On the other hand, you are so snuggly sweet and you need me so close. You’ve been learning to kiss, but it’s still open mouthed and I get covered in slobber. We hold hands when we walk together. you pull my arm over you as you drift off to sleep, snuggled deep in next to me.

I love you.

It’s getting harder to get videos and pictures of you, because you notice the camera and want to see things from my side of it. It’s even rarer that we’re in photos and videos together, since it’s always me with the camera. But, here are some of the snippets of life from the last seven months.