Dylan’s First Food

Dylan has become very interested in food. As I said in my post about momsicles:

When I’m eating he carefully watches my every motion and is bothered when he can’t have whatever it is I’m having or do whatever it is I’m doing. He wants to put everything else in the world in his mouth, too, so I’m not certain that he knows something different is happening with food, but since I won’t give him any, meals are a source of bafflement and frustration for him.

I’ve been wanting to wait until Dylan was 6 months old before letting him have any food, since that’s the age that the WHO recommends. Dylan won’t be 6 months old for 12 more days, but yesterday Joshua and I decided the time was right. For his first food, we picked banana:

He went from that furrowed brow expression to completely weirded out:

He didn’t cry, but he was quite skeptical of the whole thing. Was it the taste? The mushiness? I don’t know.

I have no intention of buying baby food and certainly none of that rice cereal crap. I’ve got no plans to spoon anything at all into Dylan’s mouth; he’ll feed himself instead.

That makes it harder to find the right foods for him at this point, though. I’ve always recommended banana, avacado, and sweet potato as good early foods, but Dylan will just make a mush out of these things.

Do you have any suggestions? When did you give your kids food? What did they like?