Fat People with Heads

I’m still away for Thanksgiving. Here’s a something you might be able to help me out with in the meantime:

You’ve probably noticed: every time a news story runs about fat people, they feature a photo of a fat person with their head cropped off. Among fat acceptance activists, this has come to be known as The Headless Fatty, a term which began here:

“…[W]e are presented as objects, as symbols, as a collective problem, as something to be talked about….As Headless Fatties, the body becomes symbolic: we are there but we have no voice, not even a mouth in a head, no brain, no thoughts or opinions. Instead we are reduced and dehumanised as symbols of cultural fear: the body, the belly, the arse, food. There’s a symbolism, too, in the way that the people in these photographs have been beheaded. It’s as though we have been punished for existing, our right to speak has been removed by a prurient gaze, our headless images accompany articles that assume a world without people like us would be a better world altogether.”

I try to include pictures with every post here, and I’d like to do the same on my fat acceptance posts, but it’s nearly impossible to find photos of fat people that aren’t either Headless Fatties or mocking fat people in some way. I could use a picture of myself, of course, and I’m sure I will sometimes, but I’d love to show off more fat bodies than just my own.

If you’re a fat person who’s willing to share some photographs of yourself or if you know of any place online I can find free, respectful photos of fat people with heads, let me know!