February Lambs 2012

I wished that Big Mama would birth her lamb before I left for Blissdom on Wednesday. I got my wish twice over! Saturday morning there were two new lambs! They are the cutest lambs I’ve ever seen. Well, I’ve only seen three other lambs, so there’s not a lot of competition. But, Jeebus and Jake weren’t this young, and Jeebus 2 was bigger since he was a singleton. These tiny little fluff balls are cute as can be.


As I was watching the new lambs, the “old” lamb, Jeebus 2, came up to rub heads with Buck. I don’t know exactly what it means when they do this, but it looks like snuggling to me.

Then a little one came up to smell Buck, too.

We have 6 sheep now. We’ll find out in about a week whether we have ewes or rams or both from the twins. We’re hoping for at least one ewe to permanently add to the flock.