Final Zoloft Report

I mentioned the other day that I’ve stopped taking Zoloft. This post is a wrap-up of that experience.

I started at 50 mg, went up to 100, up to 150, and back down to 100.

Every time I started a new dose I had about a week of jittery, talky, twitchiness, known as an “amphetamine effect”. At 150mg I picked up some serious anxiety that didn’t subside, so I went back to 100 where I stayed for months.

I had less depression overall on Zoloft. I was more active than normal, more able to stick with tasks and projects, and had fewer periods of despondency. When I was non-depressed, I was kind of frantic. Things had a desperate, rushed quality.

My moods shifted more quickly than normal. Instead of having days or weeks in the same basic mood, I was back and forth daily. I had a general trouble relaxing, including insomnia and an increase in restless leg syndrome symptoms.

I stopped taking Zoloft because it had been a year, and I wasn’t satisfied with the overall results, even if those results involved less depression. The other effects that came with it felt like “not me”.

Once I stopped Zoloft, I had about two weeks of some dizziness and being emotionally on edge. I’ve been off it for almost two months now. I have had one longer bout of depression, and I’ve had a couple of episodes of being more rage-y than I normally would, plus one afternoon of inexplicable sobbing. I think it’s probably too soon to declare if I’ve “gone back to normal” or if these are still withdrawal/comedown symptoms. I could do without the rage, but the longer depressive periods are normal.

I’m still willing to try another medication. I want to wait until I finish breastfeeding to start something new.