Finding and Sharing Resiliency With Your Child

We've all had these moments! Finding and sharing resiliency with your childGlass exploded through my kitchen. That’s what happens when you throw a mason jar. I didn’t really throw it. But my hand holding the glass was in motion when it collided with the stone countertop, and the effect was the same: glass explosion.

My first thought was “How far away is he?” as I considered whether my child was safe and whether I needed to shout a warning not to move, to stay motionless like I was, barefoot in a sea of glass shards.

He was far enough away to be fine, but I was sure he was startled, perhaps alarmed. I was about to turn and face him and say…  something.

What I wanted to do was scream. Cry. Lose it. Yell.

Exactly 5 minutes before, I’d found my pet rabbit dead in his cage. My kid didn’t know yet. I was trying to get through this meal, and then I’d tell him, but the simple act of filling a glass of water had exploded all around me.

Later, maybe, I’d cry with my son. We’d be sad about Hops, who was an awesome rabbit friend for a long time.

But right now, I was showing how to react to a broken dish. For a mama who has recurring depression, these moments are hard for me when I just want to fall apart. But for a kid who beats himself up about little mistakes sometimes, these moments and how I react are important.

So I turned and smiled and said something gentle about how hard the counter was, and then I got a broom and a dustpan and cleaned up the glass.

And that was that. Mere moments. But something crucial was contained there nonetheless.

I am sometimes surprised by the resilience I manage to find in myself, inspired by my desire to be a good example for little watching eyes. And I hope someday my kid is pleased to discover his own resilience, inspired by his mama who smiled even when things were broken.

We've all had these moments! Finding and sharing resiliency with your child