First Sheep to the Processor

Five sheep have been living at The Wallow, but today it will become only four. Jake is a ram lamb and he’s approaching sexual maturity. This presents two problems. One is that his mother is in the flock, and it wouldn’t be ideal for them to breed. Two is that the flock has another ram, and they’ll probably start fighting pretty soon. Result: today Jake goes to the processor.

I wanted to get some photos of Jake before he left. All you get are super-close-ups, because he was trying to eat my camera the whole time!

I’m looking forward to seeing how the different cuts of lamb taste. I’m not sure I’ve had lamb before.

Buck, our other ram, is a little less friendly, so it’s easier to get photos of him:

You can see he’s still got a bit of his winter wool hanging on. He did decide to come up for a nibble after all:

Baby Jeebus:

And one of Mary and Baby Jeebus together:

Big Mama didn’t make an appearance in this photo shoot. Maybe next time. Next time I might also be telling you how yummy lamb chops are!