Do-It-Yourself Flavors – Baby Gourmet Review

Have you seen these new baby-food-in-pouches things? Dylan tried some sample applesauces that way awhile back. He was newly excited about drinking from a straw, so drinking applesauce was a big hit. But…. I just couldn’t justify buying them. I could just buy regular applesauce.

Then I got an email about Baby Gourmet. I was offered a free sample 9 pack of flavor combo packs so that I could do this review. I’ve got to say, the flavors are what drew me in.

Have you ever seen the name of a baby food and thought, “Disgusting!” Oh, yeah, pureed peas, let’s get right on that. And then you open the package and it smells even nastier than it sounds? Yuck. I spent a lot of years as a nanny spoon-feeding babies gross food that I wouldn’t dare taste myself.

On the other hand, the Baby Gourmet flavor combos are things like Harvest Pear/Pumpkin/Banana combo, Old Fashioned Apple Crisp, and Juicy Pear/Garden Greens. They actually manage to sound edible! Turns out they are edible. Dylan likes all the flavors, and I even like the tastes of them I’ve taken.

It took Dylan a couple of tries to figure out the pouches this time around. He just wanted to squirt it all out and play in it at first. Now he’s seemed to discover that there’s yummy food in there, and he sometimes doesn’t spill a drop. The pouches are completely easy to eat from and are resealable. The only risk is that squishing will be more fun than eating.

Baby Gourmet has lots of other selling points to set them apart from some other pouch brands. All the Baby Gourmet flavors are organic with no thickeners/fillers, no added sugar, no added salt, and they’re Kosher. But the leading reason to go with Baby Gourmet is the flavors. I’m not a big fan of “hiding” vegetables to trick kids to eating them. These recipes don’t feel like that, though. They seem like genuine creations of delicious combinations. Roasted Squash/Fruit Medley? Orchard Apple/Carrot/Prune? These aren’t sneaky. They’re just tasty.

We’ve been doing baby-led weaning with Dylan. I even bragged in that post that Dylan would never have purees. Well… I know these pouch foods are basically baby food in a bag. And I always said I wouldn’t buy baby food. But… they’re yummy! And Dylan likes them! Hard to say no to that.

The truth is that Dylan is getting a little tricky to feed lately. He’s wanting food instead of breastmilk more and more, and he sometimes gets really hungry. But there aren’t a lot of things that he likes, can eat himself, and can eat fast enough and competently enough to fill him up. So surprisingly, these pouches take on a welcome role in giving him new enjoyable tastes while still letting him be in control of feeding himself.

If you want to get some Baby Gourmet for your kid, check out their website, head to Walmart to pick some up, or you can even just order some from Amazon.

Have you tried Baby Gourmet or another pouch food with your kids? What did they think? What do you think?