Giving Up and Writing About Depression

I originally started writing about depression because when I’m depressed I can’t think about much else. That’s happening right now.

I’m in a depression. (Thank you Greta Christina for that language: “in a depression” sounds so much better than “having a depressive episode” which is what I had been saying.) It’s been going on a couple of weeks now. Too long to just be a bad day.

I’m doing okay on the home front. Parenting-while-depressed is a skill, I suppose, and I feel like I’m doing it okay right now. Stuff with Joshua is good. We have strategies that keep us sane even when I’m not.

Honestly, the thing I’m most frustrated with lately is blogging. I’m worried about a variety of things about GLORIFY (edit: link removed, no longer active). And I can’t make the number of posts I want to here at LoveLiveGrow.

So I’m hitting up the standby of just talking about depression.

I’ve even abandoned social media. My (few and far between) tweets are little bursts of depressed anger:

Tonight on Twitter, craving interaction, I just decided to start having discussions with people about depression. I asked:

I’m sure you can tell from my convo starter what’s really on my mind: whether to go on taking my med combo. How about you? What’s been your experience going off meds?