How To Get A Bikini Body

Step One: Put on a bikini.


I particularly like this image, since I share the hairy legs and droopy boobs:

(Source (edit: broken link removed), h/t)

If only there were a topless beach nearby.

Unfortunately, other than at burns and in my own backyard, I’m not allowed to just be naked in the water. A swimsuit is required, and sadly I’ve grown out of my last one. I liked it a lot, but my boobs will no longer stay put in it.

I’m almost always comfortable with my fat body. Shopping for clothes is the main time when discomfort arises. Shopping for swimsuits is even worse.

No matter how much clothing manufacturers, clothing retailers, and magazines try to tell me otherwise, though, I know I have a bikini body. Know any good sites for humongous boob-sized, plus-sized bikinis?