I Feel Fat

Issa Waters from LoveLiveGrow

I also feel fucking pink.

I feel fat.

Lately, when I take stock of my emotional state and my physical body, I feel fat.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that I feel big and strong and capable.

I feel meaningful and significant.

I feel powerful and substantial.

I feel influential.

I feel full of wisdom and experience.

I am literally fatter this year than I was last year. I am also feeling more mentally stable than I was last year. Those two things don’t have anything to do with one another. They are simply happening at the same time and so I have the urge to match them up.

Usually when a woman says she “feels fat” she means unfashionable, ugly, unwanted, clumsy, weak, self-conscious, or stupid.

Those things don’t have anything to do with each other, either. They get matched up because our culture views being fat as a bad thing, so we match it up with bad things.

But there is no reason not to match fat up with good things instead.

I am able to “feel fat” in a positive way because I have worked hard to associate being fat with positive things. You can, too!

The next time you feel powerful, tell yourself, “I feel fat.”

The next time you win something or succeed at something, tell yourself, “This is what it feels like to be fat.”

Try this the next time you are happy:

Pat your belly, or your arms, or your double chin, sigh contentedly and say, “I feel so fat right now.”

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What does it mean to "feel fat"? Can you change how you feel? "I Feel Fat" from LoveLiveGrow