Inspired by Burning Man

I’m leaving for Alchemy today. I can never quite figure out what to say about Alchemy. Right now, it’s Burning Man that’s on my mind. I haven’t been to the desert in 3 years, but Burning Man is what inspires me on the local level, and it’s heavily on my mind this year. Unfortunately, I can never quite figure out what to say about Burning Man, either.

What I want you to know right now is simply that Burning Man fills such an intense place in my soul that photos of the shape of the city take my breath away.

The image touches me so greatly that I made it part of my body.

Another thing I’ll leave you with today. I watched this last week and it made me tear up.

I’ll try to come back with pictures of Alchemy. But I say that every year, and this is my 6th Alchemy, and I have yet to produce my own pictures from Alchemy.

What experiences in your life make it hard for you to find the words to share it with other people?