Kids Don’t Need Toys

On Free-Range Kids I read about a fun “study” that compared a baby’s interest in non-toy items vs. manufactured toys. The non-toys included, “Norway Spruce cones, beer glasses, partially emptied bottles of dietary supplements, and cardboard boxes”. The kid’s grandpa was used as the control. The baby liked grandpa best, the random objects next, and the toys last.

Dylan has always liked real items better than toys. He gets some mileage out of things like his toy toolbox. But give him one of Joshua’s wrenches and he will “fix” things all day long.

If you know what I mean, and you’re always amazed at what your kid enjoys vs ignores, here’s a delightful article for you: The 5 Best Toys of All Time. This author has searched high and low and found the ultimate list. Really, give it a read.