Medication Merry Go Round

I’m starting another round in my search for a medication that helps me with my depression and anxiety.

The name of this round is Lexapro.

I’ve already finished up the Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Depakote, and Pristiq rounds.

I know that sometimes people try many different things before finally landing on something helpful.

But I also know that sometimes nothing ever really helps.

I’m trying to maintain a reasonable balance between hopefulness and resignation.

I’m in therapy as well, and right now I feel like that is doing the most help. I really like my new therapist, and I am already learning new things about myself by working with her. She is the right combination of comfortable to talk to while also pushing me in directions I might not go on my own.

I have seen some helpfulness on every medication I’ve tried, but then that effect subsides. So I expect to get a little happier here in the next couple of weeks, and then I’ll see what happens after that.


I always take a selfie on therapy day. Therapy is an intensely personal thing, and it’s all about taking care of myself. Celebrating my image on the same day seems so appropriate.

Plus there’s a big mirror in the building where I go to therapy!

This week was so cold, I got to rock my arm warmers.

Want to share anything that’s going on in your brain lately?