I’m on an airplane today, but here’s a post I wrote in advance!

Dylan is getting very interested in eating. When I’m eating he carefully watches my every motion and is bothered when he can’t have whatever it is I’m having or do whatever it is I’m doing. He wants to put everything else in the world in his mouth, too, so I’m not certain that he knows something different is happening with food, but since I won’t give him any, meals are a source of bafflement and frustration for him.

The other day my friend Sara gave me the brilliant suggestion of “momsicles”, which are popsicles made from breastmilk. With older kids, you could freeze the breastmilk in an ice cube tray with a popcicle stick. But for a baby like Dylan, you can smash up frozen breastmilk and put the chunks in a mesh baby feeder.

The mesh feeders are an awesome invention! They can make great teethers by putting frozen fruit inside. You can use them to feed your baby things that would otherwise present a choking hazard, like grapes, or something with seeds like watermelon. They are terribly messy, but if you don’t mind the sticky, drippy grossness you’ll end up with, babies love sucking away on them.









Those are the two main brands of these feeders – click the photos to go to their Amazon pages. The Munchkin brand with the bright colors hinges open so it’s all one piece, which might sound like a good idea. I can tell you from experience, though, that they are a bitch to open and the mesh is harder to clean. I don’t recommend buying those at all. Get the other one – the one with the white handle and green ring. That one twists open, is easier to clean, and I highly recommend it.

I’ve owned some of these for awhile, but Dylan isn’t old enough to eat any food, yet. I had no use for them and also no way to give something to Dylan to eat when he reaches for my food. I’m so glad Sara told me about momsicles! What an adorable idea! I had some frozen breastmilk on hand and just smashed some up and turned the feeder over to Dylan. He definitely enjoyed it!

Oh, and the “All Star” on his shirt? That’s a Smash Mouth reference, not a sports reference. That’s what I’m telling myself!