Newly Ranging Chickens

This past weekend, Joshua and I processed the remaining Cornish Cross chickens. We’ve got lots of chicken in the freezer now, ready for future nomming. Of the baby chicks from this year, that leaves three Barred Rocks and one Silkie, all of which we’re keeping as egg layers. With the Cornish Crosses gone, it’s time to start integrating the remaining chicks with our older birds. Today was the first step, which was opening their coop door and letting them leave to explore. The older chickens are free-ranging, so this step gives them all chance to see one another without being on either group’s specific turf.

At first, the Barred Rocks stayed near the edge of the coop, reaching out to the greens they could nab without leaving home.

The Silkie was very suspicious, with no desire to venture out at all!

With some prodding from Joshua, though, even the Silkie made it out into the yard:

This is just a kitty yawn, but I find it funny to imagine Basement Cat gearing up to nom the flock of birds in the background:

When Basement Cat does get near, the birds keep a close eye on her:

Basement Cat has mostly learned from the big chickens to keep back, so she watches sadly from a safe distance wishing the chickens would play with her: