The Importance of Parenting With Delight

The importance of parenting with delight and finding room for joy in your lives - it really changes everything!Are you parenting with delight?

When you think of your family, what are the priorities that come to mind?

  • Financial stability?
  • Spiritual connection?
  • Interpersonal harmony?
  • Personal safety?
  • Good health?
  • Social consciousness?

Is delight on your list?




Good cheer.



It’s easy for delight to get lost as a priority. It doesn’t seem quite as important as the other goals.

But, every other goal will be easier to achieve when you have a life infused with joy.

Can you make turning to play your first solution in tough moments? (The book Playful Parenting is a huge help!)

Can you make joy a priority in your life?

When you are parenting with delight everything else can fall right into place.

Where will you find delight?

  • In any moment that brings a smile to your child’s face.
  • In any moment that makes you realize you’re enjoying yourself… sometimes in spite of yourself!
  • In the choice to turn a chore into a game.
  • In the space between to-do items where you make time to take it easy.
  • In a decision to set aside worry and seek humor.
  • Any time you clear through obstacles to your joy so you can find it easier next time.

The more you are able to find these moments, the lighter you will feel. Your own home will fill up with the peace and delight that you thought you had to seek elsewhere.

You find delight in delight, not in destinations, and not in completing tasks that will somehow make room for joy.

The more you and your family practice finding casual moments for fun and play with one another, the stronger your family will be.

What challenges do you have that keep you from remembering to play?

What are your favorite ways to keep delight at the center of your lives?

The importance of parenting with delight and finding room for joy in your lives - it really changes everything!