As of tonight, two little pigs live at The Wallow!

When I went to buy them, the only surprise was that the pigs aren’t as big as I thought they’d be. The guy I was buying them from put them in the back of my truck, so that went smoothly. When I got home, it was my job to get them out of the truck and into the barn stall I’ve made up for them. Getting them out of the truck was a bit of an adventure. Little pigs do not want to be gotten! It took some determination to get hold of them, and there was a lot of squealing!

Once in the barn, the pigs were quite terrified if I was near them, but if I stepped away even just a few feet, they were fine. They went right to exploring, eating the hay that lines the stall, and eating food out of their food tin.

The pigs are both Yorkshire/Hampshire mixes, but one is marked more like a Yorkshire and one is marked more like a Hampshire. Even though I’d already picked out different names for them, given their coloring, I instantly started calling them Yorkie and Hampie (or Hamp) instead. So, those are the names that are sticking.

They are locked up in the barn stall for tonight. I want them to get used to the stall as the place of food, water, and warmth, before giving them the run of the pasture. There’s a fence, but in case they manage to get out, I want them to identify the barn as home so that (I hope) they won’t go too far. In case they get out of the barn tonight, the electric fence is already live.

Starting tomorrow, I plan to just hang out with the pigs all day for a few days. I want them to get used to me being around. Tomorrow, I’ll just sit near them and read a book and be as non-threatening as possible. I’ve saved up some kitchen scraps for them, too, so that should help my cause.

Here are some pictures of the pigs still in the back of the truck. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some more of them playing in the hay in the barn. It was too dark tonight to get great shots in the barn. For those of you not familiar with the breed, Yorkie is the all pink one and Hamp is black and pink.pigs2