Planning a Penguin Tattoo

About a year ago, Joshua and I decided not to get married. Our reasons ranged from not wanting to support an institution that not everyone has access to to not wanting to legal co-mingle our money.

Just a bit after making this decision, we came across the Sandra Boynton book Your Personal Penguin. In the book, a penguin declared that it wants to be the “personal penguin” of the hippo, which leads to some funny scenes with the hippo looking on in suspicion at this little penguin following it around. The penguin declares that it wants to “walk right by your side” and “be with you night and day”. There’s a Davy Jones rendition of the words in song, too, and Joshua and I were hooked. Instead of being married, we decided to be penguins.

Joshua has recently suggested that we get penguin tattoos. I was initially penguin350skeptical. See, I don’t actually like penguins. I like the idea expressed in the book, but “penguin” has taken on a new meaning for me that’s not really connected to the actual animal. I wasn’t sure I wanted a penguin tattoo on my body. Still, I love the idea of getting a tattoo with Joshua, as I don’t have one yet, and despite my non-love for penguin animals, it really is the perfect idea.

A penguin tattoo is in the planning now, for sometime in the next month. I’ll be sure to update with photos when it happens!