Positive Parenting Is Not Perfect Parenting

Are you trying to be a positive parent?

I’ll bet you still sometimes lose your cool and yell, threaten, or punish.

You know how I know?

Because I write about positive parenting everyday.

And you’re going to laugh at me, but…..

I once yelled AT my child WHILE I was writing an article about how not to yell at your child.

How’s that for imperfect?

perfect parenting - are you failing at that? yeah, stop trying! that's not what positive parenting is about!

There’s no perfect parenting

Parents who are striving for positive parenting are going to mess up sometimes.

You’re going to slip into old habits.

You’ll be running on no sleep and find your emotional stores drained.

You’ll get frustrated and worry that this whole positive thing isn’t working.

You’ll wish parenting was just plain easier.

You’re still positive parenting. Because guess what?

Positive parenting is always the solution.

Positive parenting provides all the roads back from that miserable feeling.

Positive parenting lets you apologize to your kids.

Positive parenting lets you be authentic with your kids about your relationship.

Positive parenting strengthens your emotional connection with your child.

With a strong connection between you, you don’t have to be doing positive parenting perfectly.

You can be real people, living your real lives together side by side, on the same team.

Real life isn’t perfect.

Real life isn’t perfect, and so perfect parenting is never going to happen.

Don’t strive for perfect.

Strive for a real life together, connected by all the good stuff of a good life:

Connection, cooperation, second chances, authenticity, empathy, compassion, messing up together, falling down together, getting back up together.

Positive parenting isn’t perfect parenting. It’s even better.

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