Pregnancy: 14 Weeks

Today is my pregnancy anniversary of sorts. I started my last menstrual period on a Tuesday and I ovulated on a Tuesday, so all of my counting is by Tuesdays. You can expect to see regular pregnancy updates occurring on future Tuesdays. These will likely just be kind of stream-of-consciousness – just me dumping out whatever’s on my mind at the time.

Last week I had another OB appointment and ultrasound. There was nothing too exciting at the OB meeting (the gift bag even sucked!), but the ultrasound was thrilling. I actually heard the heartbeat this week instead of just seeing it. 155 bpm, which is great. The fetus did a little jumping bean maneuver and then flipped over on its side, which was quite entertaining. It was hard for the tech to keep a picture because I kept giggling.

I’m out of the 1st trimester now. I didn’t have many of the 1st trimester physical complaints. I had a tiny bit of nausea, but nothing serious. I wasn’t particularly tired. I was sometimes ravenous, but that’s not much to complain about. Moving into the 2nd trimester, I’d say that I’m a little more tired. I’ve also noticed that I haven’t had a serious depression issue for the last few weeks. If I get out of being depressed for this pregnancy, I will definitely count that as a bonus.

Now that I’ve hit the 2nd trimester, I think I’m done going to the OB. I always knew I would be opting out of OB care well before the end, but I didn’t know when that moment would be. After this last appointment, though, I couldn’t think of anything else specific that I want from the OB.

Since I’m now doing my own prenatal care, I’ve started keeping some records. I’m recording my weight, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar. I have some test strips to test my urine for glucose, ketones, protein, and some other things, but I’m not going to start that testing just yet. I’ve also been watching my fundal height, but that’s mostly just for my own delight at this point.

The only thing of note health-wise is that my blood sugar is high, both my fasting levels and my post-meal levels. I’m holding off on testing for the moment and have completely reshaped my diet to help out with that. After I’ve been at the new diet for a little bit, I’ll start retesting to see if it’s had an impact.

The only other thing happening is something that’s not happening – I cannot get interested in my pregnancy workbook. I created this workbook for myself based on the pregnancy philosophies that resonate with me. There’s a lot of room in the book to journal, work through the particular things I want to research before the birth, work on pain exercises, artistic suggestions, etc. I put a LOT of effort into creating this thing, but I just can’t get interested in it right now. Part of it is related to how many losses I’ve had. I’ve started that damn book too many times before, and I think I’m just tired of it.

The majority of the birth research I’ve done was 4 years ago, when I first started this process. I usually like to be pretty informed about things, and freebirthing strikes me as one of those things I’d like to be really informed about. I have yet to really get excited about researching, planning, and preparing, though. Maybe I’ll get to it – there are 6 whole months left to go after all. Or maybe I’ve gotten so relaxed about the whole thing that I’ll just be winging it.

Anyway. Those are some of the things about pregnancy on my mind this week. Stay tuned!  :-)