Pregnancy: 27 Weeks

I’m officially in the third trimester now, and that makes a bit of difference to my state of mind. I can tell myself that it’s almost over, and then, BABY!

Physical stuff:

  • I slacked off on managing my blood sugar in the second trimester, because it was just so ridiculously upsetting to me. I’m back on track with monitoring and keeping it in check, and I’m sure that I can keep it up for three more months.
  • I’m just barely starting to have trouble with some moving around things, like getting up off the floor and putting my shoes on. I can do it, but it’s a bit awkward.
  • Round ligament pain is back. I know the word “pain” is in there, but honestly, this is one of my favorite pregnancy effects.
  • Sleeping has just started to become tricky. Between the shenanigans my bladder is up to and the way my belly pulls on my back, it can be a little tough to get comfortable. And then there’s the dreams! I rarely feel well rested in the morning.
  • I am sometimes short of breath, but a couple of big breaths takes care of it. Sometimes I get lightheaded, too, but that seems to just be about not eating frequently enough.
  • I’m consistently feeling movement now! The first definitive movement was right on the dot of 24 weeks. Now it’s regular and very, very comforting.

Mental stuff:

  • I still can’t get worked up about preparing for the baby. I have no desire to clean. No desire to journal. No desire to research birth information. Eh. Either it’ll come or I’ll just wing it. The good news is that I don’t really have to prepare; it’ll all happen regardless of what I do.

Fun stuff:

  • I used pregnancy as an excuse to buy this pillow. The truth is that this is how I prefer to sleep all the time, and it takes me 6 pillows to accomplish it, so I’m really excited to have this instead.
  • After getting discouraged with the tiny amount of things I found to put on a Babies R Us registry, I decided to make a wishlist entirely of my own. I have a lot of fun looking around online for things I want to get.
  • Since my job is getting naked on camera, there are hundreds of photos of me pregnant, but few of them are mainstream appropriate. Still, I’ll probably never get around to taking non-porn pregnancy photos, and it seems silly to not have any photos of my pregnant belly here. So, here’s one for you, the least risqué photo I could dig up that still showed my belly well. This photo is from 2-3 weeks ago.