Pregnancy: 31 Weeks

We’re getting close to the home stretch here! Yay! It’s exciting for the number of weeks to start with a three!

Here’s what’s on my mind this week:

First up, food: I’ve written some here before about my high blood sugar readings and my attempts to cut out carbs in an effort to reduce those readings. If I were seeing an OB, I’m sure I’d be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My friends have been a huge help in giving me ideas for yummy low carb things to eat. As much help as I had, though, restricting my food so severely (don’t let anyone tell you cutting carbs is easy!) was contributing greatly to my depression, and the whole topic was a miserable black hole for me.

Then a couple of weeks ago or so, I was doing some research on gestational diabetes to see what I needed to know in regards to the birth itself. And I came across some surprising information. While there are more frequent complications for women with gestational diabetes, controlling blood sugar doesn’t seem to do anything to prevent those complications. In one study I looked at, GD women were strictly controlling their blood sugar with diet or diet plus insulin and maintaining almost entirely normal blood sugar levels but this failed to produce better outcomes. My reaction to this was something like shock. After reading and reading and reading one day, I closed up all my browser windows and pretending the topic didn’t exist for a few days. A few days later, I dug everything back up, went over the topic with Joshua, and our conclusion was the same. If strictly controlling blood sugar did nothing to affect birth outcomes, why the hell was I doing it? Especially when it caused me so much misery?

I ran to the store and bought bananas and Cheerios, because these are the things I fantasize about when I can’t eat carbs.

I’m now eating what I consider to be healthy foods (I didn’t go out and buy Coke, although that also sounds nice!), but putting the focus on blood sugar and carb cutting away. Besides bananas, the major upside to this is my mental health. I haven’t had a single yucky day since this decision. There are other contributing factors, like the arrival of spring and baby animals at The Wallow, but being able to eat what feels right and good to my body has a huge positive affect on my mind as well.

If you have a different opinion about this choice, that’s okay – the whole gestational diabetes topic is kind of a mess when you really dive into it, and many strong opinions are out there. But, I don’t really want to hear about it. I’m comfortable with the research I’ve done, the decision I’ve made, and the benefits and potential risks of that decision.

Physical complaints: Amazingly, there aren’t many to speak of. The last couple of weeks have really turned around for me. Basically, the whole 2nd trimester sucked, but the 3rd is shaping up nicely. The Raynaud’s disappeared with the cold weather. The carpel tunnel and achy feet in the morning haven’t made an appearance in awhile. My restless leg syndrome threatened to bother me for a bit there, but that’s been fine lately, too. I’m sleeping better and my back feels pretty good. I’m sometimes tired, but it’s quick power-nap tired, not dead-all-day tired. And I’m not depressed. I feel kind of like I’ve escaped something. The only thing that’s been bugging me physically is some reflux, but I can probably find some OTC relief if that keeps up.

The belly: I love my belly! I love the size and shape! I love the kicking and swimming around in there! I’ve started to waddle a little, because if I walk normally there’s just not enough room down there for legs and belly with my bladder squished somewhere in the middle. I have to pee constantly, but it’s mostly entertaining and doesn’t really bother me. Another blogger I follow is hosting a blog carnival about fat women’s pregnancies and births, and I hope to have a post up soon to include in that with lots and lots of belly pictures.

Birth preparations: I’m still kind of slacking off in the preparing for birth department. I spent a lot of time just depressed and avoiding the topic. But, even now that I’m feeling good, I’m not too worked up about the whole thing. I usually like to be very detailed in my planning, making lists and lists and organizing and going over all the details. I’m just not feeling it, though. I have a sense of just going with the flow. I’m not feeling any urgency, and I don’t feel like I need to.