Ram Troubles

A couple of weeks ago, Joshua noticed that Buck (our ram) was butting at Jeebus 2 (the lamb) trying to run the baby off of Mary (Jeebus’s mom) so Buck could have her all to himself. We were worried that Buck would hurt Jeebus 2. And since Jeebus 2 is still nursing, Mary really shouldn’t be bred again yet anyway. So we moved mom and baby to the barn, leaving Buck and the other ewe in their winter enclosure in the pasture. Buck started squaring off and getting uppity with Joshua and me, too, but we hoped his aggressively randy mood would pass soon.

Today, we tried to put Mary back in with Buck. Yeah, no. His mood is not going to pass. He immediately ramped back up, got excited and agitated, chased Mary, tried to mount her, etc. There’s no way we could put Jeebus 2 back in there and expect Buck to leave him alone. We want our barn stall back, though, since that’s where we store our hay. So tonight, Joshua set up an extra fenced space separate from but in sight of the other one. Buck went in there, and the two ewes plus baby were all reunited in the main enclosure.

It’s hard to diagnose exactly what’s causing his recent mood, so we’re staying in management mode and waiting to see what happens. A lot of people won’t keep a ram at all in a small flock, because there’s just this kind of trouble. We’ll see.

This photo is from Buck’s friendlier days, but this is the face of trouble!