{Review} Curious Critters Volume Two

Curious Critters Volume Two is a gorgeous book for kids of any age who have a passion for or fascination with animals. If you’re not fascinated by these critters before you see this book, you will be afterwards!

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Curious Critters Volume Two // LoveLiveGrow #nature #photography #education

David FitzSimmons has loved animals since childhood. He’s turned that love into a career as an author, photographer, and naturalist.

Curious Critters Volume Two is his latest book. It would make a perfect addition to a homeschooling program or the bookshelf of anyone who digs animals.

The star of the show is FitzSimmons brilliant photographs of the animals. The detail and intimacy of these photos is simply stunning.

American Kestrel from Curious Critters Volume Two // LoveLiveGrow #birds #nature #animals

The American Kestrel

FitzSimmons gives each animal a unique voice and character. He tells you about the animals and their habits by letting them speak for themselves in the first person.

Some of the animals are even poets, like the striped skunk who says:

My skunk reputation’s maligned.
One bees and small rodents I dine.
And that spray that you fear,
Coming out of my rear,
I think odoriferously fine!

Curious Critters Volume Two is both funny and informative. I love how all the animals are from right here in the USA. We don’t need to peer much farther than our own backyards to find exotic and fascinating creatures worth getting to know.

Curious Critters will appeal to young children, but I love how FitzSimmons doesn’t dumb down the language. Kids will learn new facts about the animals and new words to add to their life science vocabulary. Did you know that Easter cottontail bunnies eat their own poop? Did you know that a granivore is an animal that eats mostly seeds?

Gold-Green Sweat Bee from Curious Critters // LoveLiveGrow #bees #nature #animals #insects

Gold-Green Sweat Bee

With beautiful images and fascinating facts about delightful animals from bunnies to birds to bugs, Curious Critters is right for any reader who wants an up-close and personal encounter with some wondrous animals.

Buy Curious Critters Volume Two on Amazon or check out Wild Iris Publishing where you can buy an audiobook version to bring the animals’ voices to life.

Curious Critters Volume Two // LoveLiveGrow #nature #photography #education

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