{Review} Stress Free Kids by Lori Lite

Stress Free Kids // LoveLiveGrowStress is a real issue for many children today. Some kids are scheduled within an inch of their lives with lessons, practices, activities, and homework. Even if they revel in the whirlwind of busyness, they can be stressed by it, too. And some children will be more prone to stress even if they have seemingly carefree lives. Everyone experiences an overload of stress now and then, and it’s nice to have some tools handy for making that time a little smoother.

The book Stress Free Kids by Lori Lite is one such tool.

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Stress Free Kids is full of advice and techniques for helping children and their parents deal with daily pressures. The book features relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, and positive affirmations, giving you a step-by-step guide through these techniques.

If you’re a cynic, I can hear you pooh-poohing these ideas. But guess what? They are the cornerstone of religious and therapeutic practices world-wide for a simple reason: they work. They can work in your busy, modern family to help bring a little peace to your household and your routine.

I love how down-to-earth Lori Lite is – she never talks down to you, and she’s been a stressed out parent herself so she speaks from her own growth and experience. There are lots of little tidbits here from her life as well as extra quotes and quips from other parents.

I found Stress Free Kids very easy to read. It’s not heavy on things like philosophy, research, or case studies. It’s quickly glides from tip to tip, with breakout sections on specific topics, and a friendly, casual style. You don’t need to read this book straight through cover to cover. It could easily be used to grab some quick ideas during a tense time. If you do sit down to read it in a big chunk, have some Post-Its handy to mark parts that particularly speak to you.

All of Stress Free Kids is practical and hands-on, but I especially appreciated the final section which tackles some very specific times that are likely to bring family stress – such as traveling, holidays, and death.

Do you find that your children are stressed out sometimes? What other tools have you used to help alleviate that stress?