{Review} Tennessee & Kentucky Month-by-Month Gardening

Tennessee & Kentucky Month-by-Month Gardening by Judy Lowe // LoveLiveGrow ReviewTennessee and Kentucky people, listen up! I have found a brilliant book for any gardener. All you other folks are going to be so jealous that we have this book!

I don’t know about you, but gardening is confusing to me. If gardening and I had a relationship status it would be “it’s complicated”. So far I’ve made my peace by doing what I call “lazy gardening”, which involves sticking seeds in the dirt with compost and hoping for the best.

Now that I have this book, though, the whole world of gardening is opening up!

I was provided a review copy of Tennessee and Kentucky Month-by-Month Gardening by Judy Lowe, and I couldn’t be more pleased with what I found. Laying out all the tasks of gardening in a month to month format takes out so much guessing work. If you are a beginner gardener, taking things one step at a time is so much easier than trying to cram for gardening finals in the spring. If you are already an experienced gardener here’s a month by month companion to inspire you the whole way.

You’ll want to buy this book NOW. The winter is the perfect time to start planning your garden.

No matter what kind of playing in the dirt you want to get up to, Tennessee and Kentucky Month-by-Month Gardening has you covered. It could be beautifying your lawn, brightening your home with houseplants, landscaping your property with beautiful bushes and trees, or growing a vegetable garden. Judy Lowe covers all of these various ways to enjoy gardening.

From dreaming and planning in January, seed starting in February, to the full blooms of spring, the first tomato in July, and carrying through to fall and winter gardening as well – it’s all here in one book!

I found lots of helpful tips on topics that previously eluded me, like an easy way to test at home for the sand, silt, and clay makeup of your soil.

And the best part is that all the information is specially tailored for gardeners in Tennessee and Kentucky. Detailed county maps show my exact planting zone, rainfall averages, first frost, and last frost dates. The entire book is aimed directly at my local environment without being cluttered by gardening advice that doesn’t apply to me.

Plus, the book is beautiful with full-color photos on every page and an easy, understandable layout.

I’m so glad Tennessee and Kentucky Month-by-Month Gardening landed on my doorstep, and I’m pleased to recommend it to you!

Tennessee & Kentucky Month-by-Month Gardening by Judy Lowe // LoveLiveGrow Review