Sheep Make Stupid Chickens


It’s popular to comment on the presumed intelligence of farm animals. People like to say, “Chickens are stupid,” “Sheep are stupid,” or “Pigs are smart.”

I’ve seen chickens do some really smart things. They are experts at finding food in their environment, for example. I’ve seen sheep be pretty smart, too. They are extremely adept at using their speed and the available space to keep away from you, even when it seems like it’s a small enough space that you ought to be able to catch them.

I don’t know how pigs got to be the smart ones. I’ve certainly seen them do some pretty dumb things. They are smart in their own way, too, though.

And that’s the key: “in their own way”.

Chickens are smart chickens. Sheep are smart sheep. Pigs are smart pigs.

I’d make a stupid sheep. Sheep are stupid chickens. Chickens are stupid pigs.

It’s important to remember what’s what and who is who! It makes it easier to be proud of what we can do and not need to put others down.