Spring 2012: Ducks

I had more posts planned for this week, but there turned out to be more doing than blogging. I still haven’t gotten my seeds in the ground, because I’ve been busy taking care of my new ducks.

Here are the ducks in their indoor brooder. They nibble me in this video, and one protests being picked up:

Here they are their first day on some grass outside:

The thing that’s been taking up so much of my time is building the house for the ducks:

I designed and built this house myself. It’s my first construction project ever, and so I’m enormously proud of it. The red base matches the boxes that make up the rest of my garden. The whole roof hinges open for cleaning out and adding new bedding.

The house is pretty wonky. Now that it basically fits together the way I intended, it needs a LOT more screws to actually hold it together. But it will always be quirky. It was really exciting to build it all by myself, and I just adore how it turned out.

The ducks live in their house now, instead of in my bathroom. And as soon as they’re big enough to get out, they can free range!

Here is my favorite picture of the ducks so far:

I love how you can see their group coordination here, how they’ve fanned out to keep an eye on all directions. The pigs do this too, and I find the tactical motion really fascinating.

For my next trick, I’m building these cuties a little pond!