Square Foot Gardening With Kids


Square Foot Gardening With Kids is the easiest, most fun way to get started gardening with your kids.Introducing Square Foot Gardening With Kids!

Square Foot Gardening (SFG) is an easy, enjoyable way to get started gardening. It was the inspiration I used to get over being too intimidated to start gardening.

Because I love it so much, I am equally delighted about the book Square Foot Gardening With Kids!

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Square Foot Gardening is the simplest way to garden. It doesn’t take a lot of money, a lot of space, a lot of gardening knowledge, good soil, or fancy tools. You don’t have to do a lot of weeding, and it’s organic, too.

What more could you ask from a gardening method?

It’s ease and simplicity make SFG already perfect for kids.

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In addition to information on how to get started with the SFG method, Square Foot Gardening With Kids brings specific tips for gardening with kids in different age groups. For Preschool Growers, Early Learners, Terrific Tweens, and Cultivating Teens, you get advice and activities tailored to kids from 2 to 18.

Gardening is accidentally educational. The SFG with Kids book shows you all the different ways to aid children’s education. You’ll find art projects, science questions and discoveries, math problems, carpentry, writing tasks, and vocabulary. This is the best kind of learning, because it happens alongside living and creating.

Square Foot Gardening with Kids {LoveLiveGrow} #gardening #kids

I love the section on plant suggestions that are big hits with kids – like radishes which come in lots of colors and are ready to pick in 4 weeks, and cherry tomatoes which are delicious to eat standing right there in the garden. These are my favorites, too, because I like a big, beautiful payoff and eating right from the plant.

Square Foot Gardening with Kids {LoveLiveGrow} #gardening #kidsLike the original SFG book, Square Foot Gardening With Kids gives you everything you need to know in one book. You won’t need any other gardening books at all. It even covers things like expanding your garden into cooler seasons and building community around gardening.

I am absolutely thrilled that there’s a Square Foot Gardening book aimed at kids. I think anyone who wants to bring their kids into the garden with them should check out this book, even if you’re not going to stick with the SFG method. It’s so full of great ways to include the kids in the gardening process.

Do you have kids? Do you garden with them?

I use the SFG method myself. I have four 4×4 boxes so far. I’m just now planting them because we had one last, late frost. One of my boxes is not going to get planted, though. I’ve turned it over to Dylan so that he can play in the dirt. It’s like a sandbox but with rich, homemade planting mix.

Square Foot Gardening with Kids {LoveLiveGrow} #gardening #kids

I have a new bunny named Hops. Hops likes napping in Dylan’s garden box, too.

Square Foot Gardening with Kids {LoveLiveGrow} #gardening #kids

Even when you’re not officially “gardening”, it’s so rewarding to be outside in the dirt with kids. What other ways do you like to get outside with your kids?