Stretching 00 Gauge to 7/16″

When it’s time, it’s time! I decided to stretch my ears from 00 gauge to 7/16 inch. It’s a stepping stone on the way to 1/2 inch. Want to see the results?

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I’ve bought from Urban Body Jewelry before, and this time they offered me some free plugs in exchange for this post. There was no other compensation, and all these opinions are mine.

7/16" stretched ear jewelry - spirals, plugs, tunnels

One fun thing about stretching is that you get new jewelry at every new size! There’s limited selection at 7/16″ size, and there are certain pieces I look for every time, and Urban Body Jewelry came through for me! You can search their site by size, material, and jewelry type. They have all kinds of body jewelry for those of you with more than just your ears pierced!

Here’s what I got:

For everyday wear, I use silicone ear skin tunnels – I picked purple this time. This is what I generally wear 24/7. Lightweight, flexible,  comfortable – I forget that I’m wearing anything in my ears at all.

00 gauge to 7/16" 11mm stretched ear jewelry silicone ear skin tunnels

My favorite thing about having stretched ear lobes is showing off that giant hole, so I am a huge fan of tunnels. In addition to the silicone skins, I like to have a pair of stainless steel internally threaded tunnels. I have had trouble finding these before, and they don’t all have smooth threads, but these are perfect. I don’t always like to sleep in them, but otherwise they are great everyday  jewelry.

00 gauge to 7/16" 11mm stretched ear jewelry stainless steel internally threaded ear tunnels

The third set I look for at each new size is a pair of glass spirals. There are so many great colors and patterns available in glass. Glass has a nice substantial feel without being too heavy. I went with a pair of green swirl glass spirals which I think go pretty great with all the bright colors I wear.

00 gauge to 7/16" 11mm stretched ear jewelry green glass spirals

After silicone for comfort, stainless steel for reliability, and glass for beauty, I love plugs made from natural materials like bone and wood. For this size, I went with a pair of black and blue skateboard plugs. I love, love, love the color combo, pattern, and texture of these. These are double flared, which is the hardest type of plugs for me to wear. I lube up well before putting them in and don’t leave them in more than a day. But I’m going to love wearing these when the time is right!

00 gauge to 7/16" 11mm stretched ear jewelry blue wooden skateboard plugs

Which ones are your favorites? If you visit Urban Body Jewelry you can find a ton more to shop from. If you have any questions about stretching, types of jewelry, different terms, or anything, let me know and I’m happy to help.

If you buy from Urban Body Jewelry you get free shipping for orders over $20, plus you can use code UBJ630 at checkout to get 10% off (good until 6/30/16). Come back here and let me know if you bought anything – I’d love to see your favorites, because I’m always shopping for my next pair!