Pig Video Break

Take a pig video break and watch some pig videos with me! {LoveLiveGrow} #pigs #homesteading #livestockTake a pig video break with me!

Usually when I go out to feed the pigs they jump up and run around like they are starving. They are so eager to get their next meal!

For this pig video, they were too sleepy for that. I snuck up on them and then watched them yawn and try to wake up. They were not concerned about food at all!

These are the first pigs we’ve had that I’ll let other people in the pen with them. They are calm enough that I’m not worried about them snapping at someone. In this video Dylan is in the pen with me. You can see me moving his hand away from one pig’s mouth, but these are pretty calm piggies.

Here’s a pig video with pigs just hanging out in their paddock. Joshua jumped up and ran around to try to entice them to frolic, but they were too busy doing what they were doing. Two of them were having some sort of fight.

Here’s somebody else’s pig video of some big pigs and baby pigs exploring a pasture.

I just love the sight of pigs enjoying themselves.

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